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 BioGo™ Cell Processor

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  BioGo™ Cell Processor Kit

Kit includes:

          • 1 BioGo™  Cell Processor with filter
          • 3 Luer-Lok syringes 
          • 1 Plastic tweezers


          • Routine cell processing and inspection
          • Loss-free cell immunostaining
          • Centrifuge-free cell immunostaining


          • Centrifuge-free and save at least 30-60 min for immunostaining
          • Loss-free cell processing and no cell transfer during treatment
          • No limit on processing volume
          • Cells are retrievable from device after processing for downstream analyses 
          • Filter is compatible with standard coverslip and microscope slide
          • Filter is compatible with coverslip sealant and slide mounting media
          • Filter produces no background fluorescence
          • Manually operated using pipette and syringe or accelerated by vacuum/ syringe pump
          • Device can be used with rocker/shaker, refrigerator and pump
          • Filter pore size can be customized for collecting cells at different size


 Operation procedure:

Flow chart

 Standard protocol:

              1. Enrichment: Prepare cell suspension with volume > 50μL. Then set device to Open Mode. Use pipette to dispense sample (500μL) into the device. Use syringe to pump air and fresh buffer into the device to drive enrichment process and clean the cells, respectively.
              2. Treatment: To incubate cells with selected reagent for fixation, permeabilization and immunostaining, or other treatment, set device to Close Mode. Use pipette to dispense the reagent (100-500μL) into the device. Shake the device on shaker/rocker at room temperature or in the refrigerator for improved incubation effect. Between different reagents, buffer wash is required at Open Mode. Repeat this step for the incubation of different reagents.
              3. Retrieval or imaging: After cell processing is complete, cells are re-suspended in buffer inside the device and aspirated by pipette for downstream analysis or the cell-bearing filter is retrieved from the device, loaded onto the microscope slide and inspected under the microscope.