What is the clinical application of the device?

Our device can provide quick, sensitive, simple, and inexpensive detection and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). The test may have important implications in diagnosis, prognosis, prediction, risk assessment, staging, monitoring the therapeutic response, and determining treatment plan in cancer patients.


What is our competitive advantages over other routine clinical tests?

The current gold standards for cancer diagnosis and prognosis are invasive tumor biopsy, blood test of serum markers, and PET/CT imaging. In the early cancer stages, it is difficult to identify a biopsy site. Serum markers are also not cancer specific and can be elevated by non-cancer conditions. PET/CT imaging is expensive (>$1,500), time-consuming, and limited by availability, radiation, and resolution. Our novel technology provides a near-real-time in-vitro diagnosis by measuring marauding circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in cancer patient’s blood, namely liquid biopsy, which could be repeatedly prescribed and rapidly implemented in doctor’s office. It is also inexpensive, highly specific to metastasis, and valuable for early diagnosis and prediction of therapeutic response.