Our Company

TeloVISION LLC, now part of Siloam Medical Inc, is an Indiana based life science company that aims to develop minimally-invasive, affordable point-of-care testing (POCT) platform and solutions for early metastasis diagnosis, quick monitoring of cancer progression and recurrence, and early prediction of therapeutic efficacy and drug resistance.


Our product, CeloVISION™, is a manually operated, disposable, in-vitro POCT device for simultaneous isolation, enrichment, detection, and enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). The presence and the number of CTCs can be read by the device in 40 minutes, allowing early diagnosis and timely treatment adjustment. It potentially liberates physicians from delays, improves turnaround of inpatients, reduces the length of clinic/hospital stay and cost of care, and importantly, improves cancer patient’s survival rate. 


Biogo™, is a single-use, manually operated, portable cell processor with the aim of significantly simplifying cell processing procedures for routine cell labelling and/or inspection. It can be used for cell loss-free processing of precious human specimens or simultaneous processing of large quantity of samples with greater processing efficiency. The processing by the device could be, but not limited to, enrichment, fixation, permeabilization, immunostaining, incubation, buffer washing and any combination of them to accommodate each personalized immunocytochemistry protocol. The cells after processing could be easily transferred onto a microscope slide for microscopic examination or aspirated using a pipette for downstream analysis.


About the logo

TeloVISION is a contraction of the words vision and telomere, the DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes and a key to proper cell division. The drop of blood bearing a tumor cell represents cancer. The dynamic half-circle implies the circulation of tumor cells in the blood stream and the way of tumor cells being separated by filtration. The combination resembles a flambeau of hope if we can light it up.