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    TeloVISION, now part of Siloam Medical, is a research-based company bringing transformative products for cancer diagnostics using CTC detection & characterization.

    Our mission is to make the detection, monitoring and characterization of circulating tumor cell a prospective gold standard of cancer diagnostics for developing and developed countries.


    The potential clinical application of the device: diagnosis, prognosis, prediction, risk assessment, staging, monitoring the therapeutic response, and determining treatment plan in cancer patients.

    Our competitive advantages over other routine clinical tests: Could be repeatedly prescribed, rapidly implemented in doctor's office, inexpensive, highly specific to metastasis, early in diagnosis ...


      • Minimal invasive
      • High cell recovery rate
      • Simultaneous detection and enumeration of CTCs
      • Cell retrievable
      • Cost-effective and fast turnaround
      • No fixed cost

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  • Join Us, Help Us

    We are dedicated to developing an affordable and disposable point-of-care device for early cancer diagnosis and rapid monitoring of therapeutic efficacy, which will help millions of people every year who are diagnosed with cancer.

    We have ideas, knowledge, skills, and passion to accomplish the work. Your support will help us speed up the process. Fight cancer from little things.